Privacy Policy

Craic Design has a very simple privacy policy: your privacy is respected.

No app from Craic Design is configured to log when you start, use, or quit any app. Contrary to what many apps do, no usage information is provided to Craic Design. (*)

No app from Craic Design “phones home” to Craic Design with your location or any other information.

In fact, no app from Craic Design contacts Craic Design at all – unless you go out of your way and elect to send an email.

If you send an email, your email address is stored and used occasionally (once a year on average) to send out a newsletter. If you would prefer not to have your email address stored and therefore not to receive any emails, just email me at and let me know, and I’ll delete the email from the list.

If the app makes a request for data, it does so over HTTP in the same way as a Web Browser and therefore potentially there may be IP records and cookies involved. If the HTTP request is to Craic Design, to update some astronomical data for example, no record of the IP request is stored, and no cookies are stored. Craic Design uses the company to host data. If the HTTP request is to a third party site, there may be a record of the IP request and there may be a cookies stored on your device kept by that third party.

(*) Important Update!

Apple is now providing analytics information for apps to developers. This information is of the form “100 people used your app today”. Apple does not tell me WHO used the app. The information is gathered from your device by Apple, and then provide a selection of it on a web page for app developers. They provide this information so I can tell if an app I write is being used, and if it’s still being used a week or two later. This means I can tell where I need to focus my efforts to make better apps. If you do NOT want to provide this information, you can elect to opt out by going to Settings > Privacy. There you will find a setting to stop your device sharing information with App Developers.

Microsoft also collects analytics, but none of my Windows apps opt in to this service.

John Kennedy
Craic Design

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